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We have years of experience assisting law firms, title insurance companies and financial institutions. Our research is used in settling estates, determining intestate succession, identifying potential beneficiaries, and discovering chain of title. We can trace an entire family tree going back generations or assist in locating a single beneficiary. 

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We provide research reports and affidavits, complete with fully sourced documentation, so you can have confidence in the reliability of our research.

We charge on a simple, billable hour basis and provide an estimate in advance so you know the scope of the project at every stage. Regular updates keep you informed of our progress.

With our reasonable rates and high standard of ethics, you can be assured that your project will be completed efficiently and professionally.

      Katharine O’Connell is the owner of North Coast Genealogy, based in Cleveland, Ohio.  A specialist in the field of forensic genealogy, she enjoys assisting attorneys and other clients in solving complex research problems.  She also values the opportunity to help others discover their family history. She has successfully completed work on more than 100 cases throughout the United States and internationally. 

      Katharine has a Doctorate in Music from the University of Kentucky, as well as a Bachelor of Music from Rice University.  Her intensive training in a creative field helps her analyze research challenges from multiple angles and allows her to resolve even the most complicated cases.         

     She is a professional affiliate of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, the Ohio Genealogical Society, the East Cuyahoga Genealogical Society, and other professional organizations dedicated to furthering research skills.  She recently completed an intensive course in Forensic Genealogy at the Genealogical Research Institute in Pittsburgh (GRIP), and coursework in methodology from the National Genealogical Society.  She is pursuing studies in the use of DNA in genealogy research and strives to continually develop knowledge in the field through lectures, seminars, webinars and national conferences.


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Our Clients say:

“This information is wonderful and extremely helpful.  I cannot thank you enough for your excellent and thorough work.” 

         Assistant Vice President, Fiduciary Advisor, Ohio/Pennsylvania Bank



“I certainly appreciate your assistance and you are doing a terrific job tracking down this seemingly lost family.  Thank you again.”

       Cleveland, Ohio Probate Attorney


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©2019 by Katharine O'Connell.  Photos by Brittany Rabb, Ronan Karem. The books pictured are located at the Cuyahoga County Archives in Cleveland, Ohio.